laupäev, 13. veebruar 2010

Keeping warm

Finally I have got time to breath out and show some of my latest knittings. 
For a longer time I had a feeling for a vest. I kind of really, really needed a vest! One day when I passed one of my fave boutiques in Kongsberg (yes, expensive one), I saw a simple cardy on their window- I snipped off the arms from it - in my mind, of course- and voilá: I knew how my simple vest was supposed to look like. I used a pattern from Garnstudio, modified it after my needs, used 400 gr soft pink alpaca-acrylic mix yarn, and the result is here:

I made something for one of my neighbours - Ann-Margret - who lives in a very big house, but that house is old and badly isolated so it is very chilly in there all year around. In the evenings Ann-Margret has a habit of taking a large glass of tea or hot chocolate with her to the living room, and do some knitting. But in the mean while the hot drink gets cold... So I made her a pair of cupwarmers, using new pure wool and Kido Mohair: 

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