esmaspäev, 15. märts 2010

I DO knit sometimes!

Only to prove that I haven't forgotten to knit, and HOW to knit, I thought I should put up a pic of my latest work- a poncho! I have a lovely denim jacket, but it is often too chilly to be out with it- I needed something to wear on top of it. time went by and despite my searches I couldn't find anything good enough in any stores.
Then Jen sent me those cool pattern books- and I ended up knitting one from this book . I didn't have yarn from Cleckheaton, and used Alaska from Garnstudio instead

2 kommentaari:

  1. well done !!!!!!!!!! that looks great! I am glad you found something in that book. But I am really impressed. I know you can knit but this looks really you and such skill you have learned in the past year is really showing. Congratulations. Jen

  2. Väga mõnus pontso on välja tulnud!
    Hea raamat peab olema. ;)