pühapäev, 22. november 2009

It's time for few new updates! I have been very busy as always, or a bit more that usual... Feel tired in the eves and don't feel like using the last bits of my energy behind the computer screen- I rather use it doing some knitting :D
A friend of mine found the Fabel yarn I have used in several occations, very attractive and asked if I'd knit socks for her two boys. So this is one of the projects I have been working on:
Using Fabel yarn from Garnstudio, color nr 162, Blue Sea

At the same time I am knitting a jacket for myself, so lets see how well I will manage that :D

There are naturally several more projects on the list waiting for their turn, and the x'mas time is getting closer and closer- plus we are moving next week- please- if you have some time to sell, come to me with it!!!

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