neljapäev, 10. detsember 2009

Winter, snow and X'mas and SantaMamas

It's time for x'mas updates! It's been a very busy month for me and my babygirl, we have moved to a new apartment, I spent many hours at my new job, and I have also finished several old and new knitting projects. One of them is a red hat for AN which is a very important part of x'mas in our part of the world. I was after a pattern for it for a long time, and finally I got one from "my" yarn store, a friendly lady who works there made me a copy and I started knitting at the very same evening. The pattern was simple and the yarn easy to handle, so it didn't take much time to reach this:

I have lost the only pair of mittens I had with me to Norway and desperately needed new. Again- it took long time before I could start knitting them as I was not able to find a pattern good enough. Finally I did- from Garnstudio.com of course (find the way to the translation to estonian language at the left on this page).
I used pure new wool yarn Alaska from Garnstudio and needles nr 5.
The pattern was very different from any of the patterns I have seen before, and it wasn't easy for me to find out how it really works. You can see the result of my confusion on the first picture heheheee :D

But after the necessary correction the mittens became very useful :)

Lastly, here I can show you the to pairs of socks I was asked to make by my dear friend Babyapple( :-) ), here again, I spent much too long time knitting them as the order came in the time were I had all the changes in my life going on. At least now Babyapple have received them, her son is sure that a SantaMama have made these for him and his little brother..... :D

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  1. Sulle kommentaari saatmine millegipärast raske. Ei saa aru miks.Vaatan et sul oma päkapikk olemas ja puha. Kas ta kommi ka toob? Või ainult sööb? Pärlilaegas on tehtud salfrätitehnikas. Kui tahad miskit teada küsi julgelt.

  2. Ma ka ei tea miks... pean seda asja veel uurima, blogimine on ikka omaette teadus :D
    Oma päkapikk jah, aga kommi miskipärast ei too :D

  3. see värv jätkuvalt mul hingel, no nii ilus ja särva lihtsalt;)