pühapäev, 30. august 2009

Actually I have one simple, but big project already going on: a blanket I can use on a couch in the living room. Hoping to finish it latest by the end of September month. 

As I had a round birthday only a few 
days ago, I received a lovely gift from my great friend Jen from Australia- some green stuff I could use for whatever I wished to. For a long time now I had been looking at a set of knitting needles, luxurious looking and handy, but with a price I wasn't keen on paying. But now it was possible, and I do not regret!!!! Soon I will show what I have used some of these needles for- my little daughter has a mini-birthday next week, and a present for her is on the way :)

I got bored and thought I could knit some more :P It is a very practical piece of clothing in the winters of Norway, where we are basing right now. Easy to apply and easy to remove, and it will most probably not fall off when my little girl is out playing .

OK, now my baby is warm on her back and has feet covered. What next? The head! She needs a hat! 
So I made her one. But it is a bit too large yet, plus she keeps pulling it off :S
Soon I will make another one :)

This is when I thought, ok, I guess I am not totally useless, and decided to knit a pair of racks to my baby as the winter is coming soon: 

esmaspäev, 24. august 2009

Here in this blog you can see what happened to me when I moved to a new place and certainly had no TV, no good friends next door, and no shopping mall for the next 20 km from my home... ;)

What happened is that I finished the knittingwork I had hanging for months already. And it's not all! ... To be continued.....