pühapäev, 22. november 2009

It's time for few new updates! I have been very busy as always, or a bit more that usual... Feel tired in the eves and don't feel like using the last bits of my energy behind the computer screen- I rather use it doing some knitting :D
A friend of mine found the Fabel yarn I have used in several occations, very attractive and asked if I'd knit socks for her two boys. So this is one of the projects I have been working on:
Using Fabel yarn from Garnstudio, color nr 162, Blue Sea

At the same time I am knitting a jacket for myself, so lets see how well I will manage that :D

There are naturally several more projects on the list waiting for their turn, and the x'mas time is getting closer and closer- plus we are moving next week- please- if you have some time to sell, come to me with it!!!

pühapäev, 8. november 2009

Meeldetuletus iseendale!

Kirjutan üles enne kui ära unustan: ma tahan, ma vajan, ma nöuan- Haapsalu sallide raamatut ja Vörumaa kindakirjamustrite raamatut.
Uh, kergem hakkas.
Ma lähen nüüd magama.

Socks and bunnies

Socks and socks and socks! I mean, why do we always find one of each pair, every time we are in a hurry? To ease the problem, I knitted ANOTHER pair of socks to AN- this time of alpaca wool, from Lithuanian Alvita. I am working on matching mittens. I did finish one, but it is too large. So I'll knit two more, smaller.

Few days ago I surprised AN with two new friends- Bunny-Bob and Bunny-Berta! AN keeps pulling them off from my fingers and putting back again... Well, if that's how she thinks we should treat our little friends, ok then!

pühapäev, 1. november 2009

Tuhvlid said valmis! I finished the slippers!

Vöi tuleks neid sussideks kutsuda? Vöi milleks tegelikult? No vahet pole, sooja annavad nad korralikult. Meil on jahedad pörandad, kuigi mul on olemas jala otsa pistetavad sussid, pidasin vajalikuks nende tegemist siin, kuna nood teised jäävad pidevalt kuskile ripakile ja siis ma ei leia ühte üles :( Aga mis jala küljes kinni, see on kinni :) Kasutasin Garnstudio Alaska lönga ja nende oma mustrit, mille lingi eelmises postitusest vist ära töin. Nüu¨d ütled, et aga need ei näe ju üldse selles mustris antute moodi välja! No muidugi ei näe, kui tihti mu tööd seda näevad? :) Peaks möned sellised ka jöulukingitusteks tegema- vaene rotike nagu ma hetkel olen- ei ole minul raha fäänside kingituste jaoks. Oma tehtud, hästi tehtud!

It took some time, but now they are here :) Keeping my feet warm as our floors are pretty chilly. I could actually use them at work as well- my feet are often freezing there...
I may knit a few more couples to give away as X'mas gifts- I am officially poor these months, and have no money for fancy presents. Selfdone-well done!
I had a bad surprise today- the bolero I was working on, for AN, I was knitting it wrong :( Silly, silly me- I didn't read the pattern well enough. Even chicken have more brain than me :( 2 weeks of knitting while putting AN to bed- it's all waisted! But the funny part is that when I picked that work up today to knit it, I was thinking that "oh how boring one pattern can be- no excitement knitting this piece at all... I should have chosen another one... does she actually need it at all? She's got several cardis she can wear...." etc etc. Until I found out I had to rip the whole thing up again! I will not knit another one! Not this year. She'll get her second pair of socks instead, of alpaca wool- I feel sorry for her when the temperature is so low and she has to sit still in her buggy.