neljapäev, 21. jaanuar 2010

Warm and surprised :D

It is time to apologize and make up the time I have not put my own handwork much focus on :) Well, to be entirely honest, I haven't completed much of it... Few wrist warmers, and a vest. 
I made these wrist warmers only to help a friend of my to learn to knit- so we ad a little "make it together" weekend :D It happened shortly before x'mas, this is why i chose the color deep red- I used three different yarns: kid-silk, alpaca and golden tread, knitting it all together. The result was pretty nice, especially as I made them in two different (and certainly simple) ways. 

And then, as I had some very nice yarn fro Garnstudio, DROPS Alpaca staring at me, making my fingers itch, I made another couple a soon after, willing to try out the spiral running rib.
I don't have a picture of my bright pink vest as I have not sewed it together yet, and I don't have buttons for it yet, either. 
But what I do have a pic of is most of the stuff Jen sent me from Australia. It is something anyone could wish she had received! Jen have spent so much time chroceting a blanket for my baby- how nice is that?! And Jen's Mum knitted me a pair of wollen knee-socks, something I really needed in our cold Norwegian winter. There was a knit-set to make "home-booties" (something I should tell some more when I actually make them), and two GREAT books with Beautiful patterns, one of them with garmets of a more luxuriuos style (from Patons) and another one more for everyday use (from Cleckheaton- a quality yarn producer in Australia), I will surely knit several of them! And finally, there was another book made by Jen- filled with exciting patterns from old Danish magazines and other places. I was so pleased with each and every item in this box :D

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  1. It is funny to see pictures of these items that have been lying around my home now somewhere far far way :) The wrist warmers look great and practical. Actually, having a knitting weekend is a nice way to spend time with a friend :) Jen