laupäev, 24. oktoober 2009

Hey, I have a PLAN. I often do. But this time... it is a PLAN. More about it later ;P

I've spent the last two days at home with AN as she has not felt so good. There are lots of viruses around these days. Now you could think that I had a chance to do lots of knitting and maybe even some house work? Wrong! Well, I actually finished one pair socks, which are not even close to perfect.... And I am just about finishing another pair of socks, a gift to one of the newest members of Mother Earth, and these ones look beautiful. Pics tomorrow. And lastly I started knitting THESE - my feet are often cold, and enough is enough! 

Otherwise not much is happening, I will have another month of poorness- probably also the last- I got paid today and I have paid most of it away already... That's the way. Having a job interview on Monday, so there's hope out there! No, actually it is not so bad, as you remember- I have a PLAN :) 
Besides I am working on my X'mas project- I'd like to make a little market stand and try to sell few sweet things to people who find them as pretty as I do. Telling about it here kind of commits me to do it even if I find that I am too tired on those long and dark November eves. But then I can just lit few candles, make a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy the work.

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