pühapäev, 25. oktoober 2009

Old debts

Beautiful socks to a little baby-girl! A good friend of mine had a little daughter recently, and as I had some of this beautiful ping yarn in my Panduro's Box of Yarn, I decided to get something sweet out of it! The pattern is the simplest, the socks are tiny- it didn't take long to finish them.I must admit that pink is not my fave color on little girls... but this yarn is not ONLY pink, as you see- it has tens of gorgeous tones- it is such a pleasure to knit with it, and enjoy the new and new surprising colors showing up.  Surprise-surprise, it is a Garnstudio Fabel yarn :) Yeah I have almost emptied our local yarn shop :P 
The pic shows one of the socks unfinished- I wanted to get the pic before it got dark outside, don't have a Photoshop in my MacBook and can't fix the yellowish pics taken in the evenings... 

Oh, and before I forget again, I owe Jen a pic of the poncho I knitted using sari silk yarn, emmm, as I have noone else to take the photo, you will have to be satisfied with this one: 


3 kommentaari:

  1. The puncho, from as much of what the photo shows, looks great. Can't comment on the rest of it but I am sure it looks just as great ;)

    thanks for the picture. I love looking at your blog from time to time. It also inspires to do creative stuff.

  2. M6lemad l6ngad on niiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yummyd!!!
    Mul tuleb jarjest suurem isu selle febeli jarele...

  3. Thanks Jen! Can't wait til you create a blog where you can hang all your beautiful works, so more people could have that pleasure of seeing them!

    Lillismuul, Isuta aga isuta :D Kui väga suur nälg peale tuleb, võid ju alati nii umbes 100 kg tellida omale :D HAhahhaahaaaaaa