laupäev, 17. oktoober 2009

Alpaca winter set-babyhat and scarf

I am a bit confused. What do I like more- vintage knitting or high street funky kids' clothing? I like both! I have have found several beautiful patterns of both styles, and I am going to dress up my baby- oh AND myself! :) I need just a little more practicing, and then I can start making larger items than baby clothes. 

My latest success is here:
As AN spends now lots of time outdoors (in the kindergarten), and the weather is getting colder and colder-  she needed a warm hat. I used 100% baby alpaca for the hat- Katia MISKI yarn, and a mix of Alpaca, merino's wool and silk yarn- Katia SULKA for the scarf. As the Garnstudio pattern for the hat was a little boring, I tuned it up myself :) (and I even learned to crochet for this projects' sake :D)

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