reede, 9. oktoober 2009

Ohh long time no writing... I have had such a busy month behind me, have not had time to blog, but I also understood that if I had a blog about my everyday life, I would actually save time. So that's something I will work on asap. 
In  the meanwhile I can scream hurraaaayyyyy i have finished one lovely dress to AN- it was meant to be finished just before X'mas, but as I had the chance to travel to Estonia in the beginning of October, I had to knit it in 2-3 weeks, so that she could have it on at our last session at Harrieti Stuudio. When I receive the pics, I'll hang some up here as well. 

 As some others have shown interest in knitting the same dress, but would like me to tell them how to do it, in estonian language, I will do it here, soon. Otherwise you can find the pattern in english (and many other languages) here.

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