pühapäev, 18. oktoober 2009

Yarn here and yarn there....

This morning our tiny dining table looked like this

Someone spent half the night organizing Liisu Käsitöölöng yarn into balls- absolutely boring and quite irritating job, especially with this particular yarn. But the colors are just beauuuuutiful!

Do you think my daughter will soon through out all the yarn I have? 

Did I mention that I have a mountain of it, after our short trip to Estonia in the beginning of this month? Well, at least I have some! The yarn prices in Estonia are about half of what they are here in Norway, so I really enjoyed that shopping. The only problem is, that it is hard to find a proper yarn shop there :( The same with all the Internet shops they have dedicated for yarn- the range of colors is very limited, and that is sad. So I still often end up in my fave yarn shop here in Kongsberg, rolling the paper money between my fingers and saying: "Eh what the hell, I'll buy it!"

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  1. Welcome to yarn addict's club! ;D
    Mul on selle l6nga ostmisega tapselt sama jama.

    Ja su tytar ei viska l6ngu valja ,vaid arvab et need on maailma parimad mangukerad!

    Turbovardaid sulle!