laupäev, 10. juuli 2010


Today I finished the shawl that I started already many months ago in Norway, together with the youth I was taking care of :

The pattern I used is THIS ONE from Garnstudio and the yarn is double thread of DROPS Alpaca The result is extremely soft and warm and so non fittable in the 30 degrees C we are having this month but I guess the Autumn will come also this year....

Here I have the vest I made from THIS Cleackheaton pattern book . I used DROPS Alaska yarn in this intersetind tone and this pattern:

And lastly, I knitted a cardi for my little monster who gives hard time after i take her home from child care.... On tis pic she's smiling, luckily. The pattern I used is from Lionbrand, but i left the hoodie out as it is summer and it would also be uncomfortable for AN when she sits in her car seat. The yarn I used was (of course :P) from Garnstudio. It is double thread of DROPS Delight, which is a mix of wool and acryl.

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