laupäev, 24. juuli 2010

Yeeeeeeeyyy I finished it!

It looks slightly different from the original as I didn't fancy that "hairy" part on the edges. I did crochet most of it as well, but removed it later. I should have listened a friend who knitted the same bolero and should have chosen size S, but it seemed so small and I went for M- and ended up having a bit too large result. But is is ok anyway, I like to wear it like this:

Boolero prossiga

You can see that the brooch I wan in the game mdm-beadalot had, fits perfectly well with my new bolero!

The materials used to knit this bolero, were DROPS Cotton Viscose and DROPS Kid-Silk from Lõngamaania, which you can combine so nicely- there are many opportunities out there!
kid-silk kapis

Now I can work on my tank top from Vogue Knitting and feel no more bad about the bolero waiting for it's turn :D On the top I have used one skein of DROPS Muskat already, and it looks beautiful. More about it later ;) I am happy though that this project is a part of "Lets do it together" project on OMAklubi foorum, and with a deadline (18/8), so there is a hope that it'll be finished by then!

2 kommentaari:

  1. Pross ja boolero lausa kuuluvad kokku!!!
    Kid-Silk mohäär on vapustav...
    ja ma armusin hetk tagasi 16.juuli post. olevasse valgesse särgikusse :D

  2. Sobivad jah eksole!! Mina olen ka väga rahul. Aga seda valget palmikuga toppi kibelesin juba ammu tegema, nüüd olen kahe õhtuga seljaosa peaaegu valmis teinud, väga mõnus kudumine on. Ehk järgmisel nädalavahetusel on midagi ettegi näidata :D